text by Dan O'Neil. choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin.


No Correct Dancers is an experimental dance/theater exploration involving an overzealous optometrist and the choices between lens A and lens B. Using text as an abstracted vocal score rather than a map for storyline we seek to create and inhabit a world where words are music and dance is the language of communication. We utilize ensemble-based movement, live voice over, song, mini-spectacle, close proximity, the anxiety of visiting the doctor, and the gray space between the definite answer and the absolute unknown. We seek to establish a point of perspective in order to abstract it until it becomes an entirely altered point of view.


No Correct Dancers was first presented by Chashama in a storefront on 37th street in 2013. Featuring Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski, Laura Grant, Brighid Greene, Noah Plomgren, Jessie Shelton, and Andrew Broaddus.