Adapted from Alfred Jarry by Randy Blair, Kate Weber, and Joshua William Gelb


The Trump hatefuck Jarry's play was destined to become. A one night only extravaganza.


Ubu Shit Show was presented for one night only at The Tank, October 30, 2017. Featuring Randy Blair, Kate Weber, Grace McLean, Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Sam Tedaldi, Tim Drucker, Kyra Sims, Preston Martin, Daysha J. Williams, Michael Levinton, John Kurzynowski, RN Healey, Marisa Wallin, Dan O'Neil, Eliza Bent, Joshua Luxenberg, Aaron Farenback Bratemen, Joshua Isaacs, Emily Marro, Carl Holder, and Jeremy Geller. Lighting by Josh Smith. Costumes by Kerry Gibbons. Scenic, Sound and Direction by Joshua William Gelb.