Pictures from the Parking Garage...

Last week Qubit opened the doors of a Harlem Parking Garage for a one-night-only evening of "21st Century Sound Stories!" Here are some photos from designer Marika Kent of the works by Alec Hall, Aaron Einbond, David Bird, featuring the TAK Ensemble and directed by moi!

21st Century Sound Stories

I'm thrilled to be directing three new works at the intersection of opera and music theater in a parking garage way up in Harlem! This evening (one night only, April 28th) is organized by Qubit, who has recently outfitted this massive industrial warehouse into a performance venue. Definitely worth checking out! 

21st Century Sound Stories.png

Ubu Shit Show!

The Ubu Shit Show happened on mischief nacht October 30th, and it was an absolutely hilarious hitjob. Check out the new gallery page to see some of the photos from the one night only event starring Randy Blair, Kate Weber, Grace McLean and more!

Photo Oct 30, 5 41 28 PM.jpg

The Crook @ Harvard's Houghton Library

Just returning from a spectacular trip to Cambridge where I was invited to speak at Harvard's Houghton Library regarding their Black Crook collection. The talk was called Reviving and Reimagining The Black Crook. So thankful to have been able to finally examine the Charles M. Barras papers, not to mention the rest of their Crook memorabilia.

A Hunger Artist Returns From Edinburgh

It's been an incredible run for Jon and Josh and Sinking Ship's Hunger Artist over at Zoo Venues in Edinburgh. Check out all those stars! We also walked away with a Summerhall Lustrum Award for the greatest festival moments! So thrilled to be a part of it and excited to keep it going this December when we go to Baltimore's Theater Project.


Sometimes in Prague Opens!

This one's been a blast. Can't wait to rock out at the dance party. If you're still interested in coming on Thursday on Saturday, you can get tickets here!

A Black Crook Leak...

While I've been busy in Philly, Little Lord's Michael Levinton was interviewed by Clyde Fitch Report's Tim Cusak in a roundup of 2015's most memorable theater events. So excited that Bambifucker was included! And even more excited by Levinton's theater pick for 2016!

Levinton’s pick is a new adaptation of The Black Crook by Joshua William Gelb, opening at Abrons in September: “It’s supposedly the first true piece of American musical theater, and it has this crazy back story, and 2016 is the 150th anniversary of it’s premier.” Gelb also appeared as Bambi with Levinton’s company, so if his performance in that show is any indication, New York is in for a treat.

Creative Engagement Grant from LMCC!

Thrilled to annouce that The Black Crook has been selected to receive a Creative Engagement LMCC Grant this year! 150 years ago The Black Crook opened at Niblo's Garden on the corner of Prince and Broadway (it's an Armani Exchange now) and I can't wait to share this original downtown theater juggernaut this September at Abrons Arts Center (another downtown Manhattan stallwart) with support from the Lower Manhattan Culture Council!