Party in the USA is going to the Edinburgh Fringe!

We're taking the party to Scotland! Following last summer's sold-out run at the Incubator Arts Project, Party in the USA will be appearing at the Underbelly's Topside Theater at this summer's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world. We're even starting a theater company to do it, and we're calling it JV Squad. This is a mamouth endeavor and we're still raising funds, so if you want to donate, just go to our Fractured Atlas page. I'd also encourage you to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. And definitely make a Party in the USA cover video to help us get Miley Cyrus' attention. For all I know, one tweet from Miley could potentially sell out our entire run.

Victory at the Flea #serials

So excited to advance to the next round of serials with Donaldo Prescod, Charlotte Simpson and the rest of the Silent Masterpieces gang. Next episode begins December 5th!

Cleo Grey, Madeleine Bundy, Sean McIntyre, and Alex Gould

Cleo Grey, Madeleine Bundy, Sean McIntyre, and Alex Gould

10 more cases

of bud light lime are arriving at IAP tomorrow. All sold for tonight -- So risk the wait-list at your own discretion. Of course, you can always grab a ticket to any of our four shows this weekend!

In spite of this blasted heat wave

I don't know how exactly, but somehow we sold out the first performance of PARTY IN THE USA on the hottest day of the year. Thank you to all the actors and production team and especially the audience, who drank as much bud light lime as possible just to withstand the heat. I am so proud of the piece we created together and so grateful to those of you who joined us afterwards for strudel. It was hot, yes. But somehow through the collective sweat, some amazing theater happened.

I don't know what to say!

I actually don't know what to say. Some time last week I resigned myself to not meeting our Indiegogo goal, content to pester Miley Cyrus and spread awesome/hilarious covers of my new favorite song. That we actually made our goal is something beyond my comprehension, and something for which I am just so -- so damn thankful. To all of you. Thank you. I hope, even in the heat of July, you'll come and see this show. While our brilliant donors donated the rest of us spent the evening in the rehearsal room, a little drunk, working through some of the hardest, funniest sequences in the show. This one is going to really be "something." Plus free beer... Got my hands up, they're playing my song, and now I'm gonna be okay. It's a party in the USA.

Love My Band @ Little Theater Tonight

My latest project, a reenactment of a reenactment of Meredith Wilson's Music Man, will be presented at Dixon Place tonight (7:30PM) at the fantastic Little Theater series. I'll be on a bill in the company of Claire Moodey, Joseph Silvosky, and Young Jean Lee. It features co-conceivers Dan O'Neil and Katie Rose McLaughlin as well as Jessie Shelton, Liza Birkenmeier, David Gould, Josh Smith and David McGee. Tickets here. And if you can't make it tonight, I'll be back at Little Theater on June 10th, directing the 21 minute version of Dan O'Neil's BEAR SLAYER (aptly titled "How to Kill a Bear in 21 Minutes") with usual suspects Joshua Isaacs, Alex Falberg, as well as Elissa Castles and Paul Nugent... Casting announcements for Party in the USA forthcoming!

Little Lord's Pocahontas and/or America Opens

"Yeah. Um. Um. Striving? I'm striving. With all power of body and mind. In the undertaking of so mighty a matter. No way led with the unbridled desire of carnal affection. But for the good of the plantation. For the honor of our country. For my own salvation. And for the converting to the true knowledge of God and Jesus Christ an unbelieving creature. Namely. Pocahontas." Check out Little Lord's Pocahontas and/or America at the Bushwick Starr, opening tonight and running through March 23rd.