by Joshua William Gelb and Orion Stephanie Johnstone


Inspired by movies like Before Sunrise and My Dinner With Andre, and punctuated by ecstatic original indie rock, Sometimes in Prague joyfully explodes the barriers between live and recorded media, immersing the audience in a celebration of human connection that culminates in a champagne fueled dance party.


Sometimes in Prague tells the story of a chance encounter between three Americans in a Czech pub: lone traveler Joanna and polyamorous expat couple Alex and Ryan. As the night wears on (and the pilsner flows), their hyper-real conversation about love candidly explores the tensions between polyamorous and monogamous relationships to pose the perennial question "What is the most authentic way to love?"

Sometimes in Prague was originally wokshopped at The Tank with sound by Ryan Maeker and video by David Tennent. Featuring Scott Thomas, Molly McAdoo, Judd Hardy, Kate Ferber and Abby Lyn-Mulay. 


Prague was performed in concert at Joe's Pub featuring  Scott Thomas, Molly McAdoo, Clinton Curtis, Kate Ferber and Heather Christian. 


It was later presented at the New Ohio Ice Factory at 3LD. Video Design by Jean Ann Douglas. Lighting by Ben Kato. Sound by Ryan Maeker. Featuring Jessica Almasy, Chris Lind, Leah Goldstein, Danielle Sacks, Jennie Lawton and Scott Thomas. 


Most recently Sometimes in Prague was performed in Philadelphia as part of UArts' 2016 Polyphone Festival, directed by Joshua William Gelb. Music Directtion by Orion Stephanie Johnstone. Featuring Gavin Cole, Mariah Richard, Mina Kawahara, Michael Anderson, Juliet Mellon, Sara Wait, and Anna Nicole Ventor, Sydney Banks, and Andrew Reiff. Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer. Asst. SM: Cassandra Meehan. Lighting Designer: Masha Tsimring. Projections Designer: Sara Marinich. Sound Designer: Mark Valenzuela