Little Lord's Bambifucker/Kaffeehaus opens this week!

For the next few weeks I'll be wearing tighty-whities and heels at The Brick in this absolutely bonkers new adaptation of Felix Salten's novel (fuck Disney) Bambi, which I bet you didn't know was banned by the Nazis for being an obvious allegory of the Austrian Jewish experience. Also Salten ghostwrote some seriously demented hard-core pornography on the side. I'll be playing Bambi, Salten, and sometimes an aging prostitute named Josephine. Don't miss this trip to the old Viennese coffee house scene. Seating is limited. Get your tickets and bambi-bucks while they still last. So many tags: #anxiousdeer #oedipalissues #zionismiscomplicated #artishard #areyoucircumsized ---- Also check out this preview in Heeb Magazine!