A Hunger Artist: Two Nights Only, This Weekend!

The haggard Impresario, dragging only a worn-out steamer trunk onto the stage, attempts to resurrect the spectacle and fanfare surrounding the once world-famous and now forgotten Hunger Artist - a performer whose act consisted solely of publicly starving for days on end. Using puppetry, clowning, and toy theater, Jon Levin and I are thrilled to present our new adaptation of Kafaka's short story for Sinking Ship Productions. Check out our first draft of this new piece this weekend, September 19th & 20th @ 7pm, The Jalopy Theater (in Red Hook), 315 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Tickets $12.

Co-Created and Performed by Jon Levin. Directed and Co-Created by Joshua William Gelb. Additional text by Josh Luxenberg. Costume Design by Peiyi Wong. Puppet Design by Charlie Kanev. Sound Design by Joshua William Gelb